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Brevard Ferret Lovers Rescue
A no-kill shelter that finds homes for adoptable ferrets and provides a permanent home for the many unadoptable ferrets received.
British Federation of Ferret Welfares
The BFFW is a working co-operative, unlike any other ferret organisation, as it is specifically formed by and for the benefit of Ferret Welfares and Rescues only.
Cascade Ferret Network
Innovative ferret shelter network located in Portland, Oregon. CFN provides foster homes for unwanted, abused, abandoned, and otherwise homeless domestic ferrets.
Circle City Ferret Club
Educates the public about ferrets and provides rescue and adoption.
Dookie's House Ferret Rescue & Shelter
A no-kill ferret shelter located in Sebring, Florida that accepts ferrets of any age or in any health.
Especially Ferrets, Inc.
City and state licensed shelter in Colorado.
Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee
Ferret rescue and shelter serving South Eastern Wisconsin and the Greater Milwaukee area.
Ferret Friends of Pittsburgh, PA
Animals available for adoption, and online adoption form.
Ferret Friends Shelter
No-kill shelter; will take in any ferret regardless of age, health or temperament.
Ferret Haven Rescue Shelter
A shelter/rescue for ferrets.
Ferret Hollow Shelter and Rescue
New Jersey registered non-profit ferret shelter. Pictures of adoptable ferrets plus on-line adoption request.
Ferret PAWS (NZ) Inc Home Page
Home page of the New Zealand Ferret Protection and Welfare Society Incorporated
Ferret Rescue of Spokane
Contact, donation and adoption information, news, pictures, and basic ferret information.
Ferret Rescue of Tidewater
A tax-exempt no-kill ferret shelter serving southeastern Virginia. Operates an active ferret club meeting monthly. Offers a ferret sponsorship program.
Ferret Shelters
A list of ferret shelters covering all of North America, and some foreign countries.
Ferrets R #1
Non-profit, no-kill shelter in Falls Church, Virginia. Contact details, links, and general information.
Friends of Fuzzies Ferret Shelter
Rescue and Adoption in Bend, OR.
Frisky Ferrets of Louisiana - Placement and Information
Shreveport, Louisiana shelter providing ferret health and care information in addition to ferret placement and/or adoption information for both shelter ferrets and individuals who wish to find adoptive homes for their own ferrets.
Fur Dragons Den
A ferret rescue residing in Lansing, MI.
FURRY Home Page
Home page for FURRY (Ferrets Underfoot Running Round You), a ferret club and shelter. Includes pictures and descriptions of adoptable ferrets, statement of purpose, copy of our adoption contract, and links to other ferret related sites.
Furry O's Ferret Rescue
Features information about ferret rescue, health tips and a memorial page.
Gimmee Ferret Shelter
Rescue and Rehabilitation Shelter that promotes the adoption and/or fostering of Ferrets in need of good homes, serving Massachutes. Adoptable ferrets profiled on-line.
Hull and East Riding Ferret Rescue
Rescue and advocacy group in England. Ferret diary and care tips, group and contact details, resources, and information on adoption and neutering.
Kansas Ferret Association
Information and news regarding KFA meetings, shelter, and other relevant data.
KiSta Ferret Rescue
Ferret shelter with branch locations in Manahawkin, NJ and Red Bank, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Lots of information here!
Legion of Superferrets of Nebraska Ferret Shelter
A nonprofit shelter dedicated to one thing, the well being of the ferret. A no-kill shelter.
Lisa's ferret links
A well-organized guide to ferret resources.
Little Orphans Ferret Shelter & Rescue
Rescue site located in Springfield, Ohio.
Loki's House Ferret Rescue and Shelter
No-kill shelter in Fort Myers, Florida. Pictures and biographies of adoptables, surrender and adoption agreements, contact details, and how to help with funding.
Luv of Ferrets
No-kill ferret shelter and rescue located in Massachusetts; part of the Mass Ferret Friends group.
Manitoba Ferret Association
A non-profit charitable organization devoted to the well being of all ferrets.
Metro Ferret
Metropolitan NY/NJ Ferret Welfare Society, Inc., dedicated to educating the general public about ferrets.
Shelter and rescue residing in Michigan with resources for ferret owners.
More Ferrets
Ferret shelter located in Troy, MI.
New Rainbow Bridge
Cyber-home of the Last Chance Ferret Rescue; includes a new poem, fine art print and sympathy card based on the story of the Rainbow Bridge, plus other hard-to-find ferret and pet supplies.
NJ Ferret Rescue and Adoption
South Jersey ferret rescue & sanctuary.
North Coast Ferret Shelter
No-kill ferret shelter located in Northeast Ohio.
Open Hearts
Rescues ferrets, prairie dogs, and other small animals. Rescue details, photos of pets available for adoption, and health tips.
Oregon Ferret Shelter
Dedicated to finding homes for homeless shelter ferrets in the State of Oregon and Washington.
Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association
Organization with shelter branches in Montgomery, Centre, and Westmoreland Counties, and serving all of the state of Pennsylvania. Site is comprehensive with information about ferrets, sheltering, and adoption. Also has information about Pennsylvania ferret clubs.
Rocky Runaway Rescue
A ferret rescue located in Parkton, MD. Several links that promote ferret awareness.
Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter
Dedicated to rescuing ferrets in need and finding them permanent homes. Located in Parkton, Maryland.
SOS Shelter List
A list of ferret shelters in the United States and around the world. Vital statistics, contact information, and the types of support needed for each organization.
South Florida Ferret Club and Rescue
Dedicated to educating the public about the domestic ferret. Provides rescue, shelter and adoption services.
South Jersey's Ferret Rescue and Sanctuary
Pictures, stories, and information on ferrets for adoption.
The Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to the needs and care of the domestic ferret. Newsletter, press release, and information about events, adoption, foster care, and health issues.
The Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven
Located in North Carolina, this shelter serves the Carolinas, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee. Featuring a gallery of current adoptees, on-line adoption application and shelter bulletin board.
The Ferret Haven By the Sea
A non-profit no-kill animal shelter dedicated to helping ferrets.
West Valley Wuzzles!
Operates a no-kill shelter for homeless ferrets. Based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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