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Ah-C-Spots/Tavilus Ocicats
Pacific Northwest breeder of Ocicats with spots beyond your wildest dreams.
All Times Ocicats
A Denmark, Copenhagen breeder of the "junglespotted" ocicat.
Auxarcs Ocicat Cattery
From the hills and hollers of the Ozark Mountains outside of Branson, Missouri. Producing quality Ocicats since 1988. Home of the first Dilute Distinguished Merit Ocicat.
Awesome Ocicats
Ocicat cattery located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
C-N Spots Cattery
CFA registered cattery breeding both Ocicats and Cornish Rex cats. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina; specializing in chocolate, choc-silver, and lavendar-silver Ocicats.
Catiators Ocicats
Charleston, West Virginia cattery specializing in Ocicats with mild "purrsonality" and wild spots.
Catoninetails Cattery
Specializing in the Tawny Spotted Ocicat since 1986. Located in Clinton, Indiana. President and editor of Ocicats of North America Newsletter.
Cheracat Maine Coons & Ocicats
Bred with love, "cher'd" with you! Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada breeder.
Chisholm Trail Cattery
The cats with the spotty reputation. Located near San Diego, California; specializing in chocolate, cinnamon and fawn-spotted Ocicats.
Clan Hanna Ocicats
Specializing in silvers and chocolates; located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Raised underfoot and in our laps as family companions.
Dendara Cattery
Spencer, Indiana breeder of Ocicats that you will love.
Nebraska cattery breeding pampered Ocicat kittens.
Katzshadow Cattery
Bloomfield, Indiana breeder of Ocicats that are raised like kids; they rule and house and are spoiled rotten.
Kayzie Egyptian Maus and Ocicats
Colorado Springs, Colorado breeder offering two different breeds of spotted cats.
Konza Cattery
The look of the wild in the purr of a kitten. Wamego, Kansas breeder of Ocicats.
Late Night Ocicats
Arizona breeder, home of the "Armchair Cheetah," specializing in cinnamon-spotted Ocicats.
Low Country Ocicats
Specializing in tawny, blue, blue-silver, and ebony-silver spotted Ocicats. Located in South Carolina.
Megadots Ocicats
A CFA registered cattery located in Pennsylvania; specializing in chocolate and chocolate-silver-spotted Ocicats.
Meowjesty Cattery
Utah breeder of Ocicats in many fine colors.
Ocicats by Maradot
Long Island, New York breeder of Ocicats.
Ocicats by Orendacats
Palm Springs, California breeder specializing in dilutes and dilute silver-spotted Ocicats.
Ocicats of Arizona
Phoenix area Ocicat breeders. All twelve Ocicat colors regularly available.
Ocigatos Cattery
Small Napa Valley, California breeder of Ocicats with a focus on quality, not quantity.
Ocination Ocicats
A little taste of the jungle in Lisbon, Maine. Specializing in silver-spotted Ocicats.
Ociopia Ocicats
Breeding and Showing Ocicats and Maine Coons since 1974; located in Alexandria, Virginia.
Pacific Northwest Ocicats
Two Washington area catteries breeding Ocicats; Ah-C-Spots/Tavilus and Rendale Ocicats (now retired from breeding).
Pawvay Ocicats
Bakersfield, California breeder of Ocicats.
Peak Ocicat Cattery
Small Flagstaff, Arizona breeder of Ocicats; intelligent, devoted cats.
Prairie Ocis
Leawood, Kansas breeder of Ocicats.
Purrfurdots Ocicats
Wild looking domestic cats. Waynesboro, Pennsylvania breeder of ocicats.
Ravenwind Ocicats
Lap raised with tender loving care. Apache Junction, Arizona breeder of Ocicats specializing in Cinnamon Silver, Tawny, and Fawn Spotted Ocicats.
Ridgemount Ocicats
Florida and North Carolina cattery specializing in silver-spotted Ocicats; ebony silvers are a specialty.
Rockn' Spots Ocicats
Three Rivers, Michigan cattery specializing in Ocicats of all colors.
Saga Ocicats
Southern California breeder of the rare, wonderful, romantic, exotic Ocicat.
SunStone OciCats
Wildly Distinctive Felines in all of the non-dilute colors. Licensed Veterinarian breeder of Ocicats in Yorba Linda, California.
Tassajara Ocicats
A Southern California cattery breeding Ocicats; domestic cats with the wild look.
Te Chichi Mec Ocicats
The wild look with no wild blood. Well socialized CFA Ocicat kittens, bred for personality and spots in Mesa, Arizona.
The Speckled Band Ocicats
Costa Mesa, California breeder of Ocicats.
Tigrina Cattery
Frederick, Maryland home of "Felis Tigrina" -- Little Spotted Cat. Breeder of Ocicats and Abyssinians; specializing in cinnamon and silver-spotted Ocicats.
Uluru Cattery
Denver, Colorado breeder of LaPerms and Ocicats.
Velvet Spots Ocicats
Enjoy the wild look with no wild tendencies. Raising the exotic jungle-spotted Ocicat literally underfoot in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Walnuthollow Cattery
Spoiled kittens are occasionally available. Andreas, Pennsylvania breeder of Ocicats and American Shorthairs.
White Fang Spottery
Richfield, Ohio breeder of Ocicats. The look of the wild with the gentle nature.
Wild Rain Ocicats
Sacramento, California breeder of Ocicats that are bred to look wild, but never come with wild behavior. Home of CFA's 1999-2000 3rd Best Ocicat.
You Wild Thing Ocicats
CFA-registered Ocicats specializing in chocolate, cinnamon, and silver-spotted Ocicats. Located in the desert southwest near Phoenix, Arizona.

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