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Dwarf Hamsters

Absolute Hamster
General information about various breeds and care.
All About Hamsters
Information on hamster care, pictures, surveys, bulletin board, story gallery, and a hamster bookstore.
All About My Hamster
Talks about my hamster and has information about hamsters.
Annaka's East Tennessee Hamstery
A site with pictures and information about hamsters.
Bubbles and Teddy and Fluffernutter and Peanutbutter
Humorous website with pictures of hamsters in odd predicaments.
Caring for Hamsters
Provides information on health, care, feeding, handling, breeding, genetics and toys.
Complete Guide to Hamsters
Information on hamster breeds, buying a hamster, care, handling, homemade toys, and photo gallery.
Diary Of A Hamster
Written by Vlad, the hamster.
Duncton Hamstery
Forum for people interested in adopting hamsters.
Dwarf Hamsters:
Dylan Menagerie
Home of the Hamster Mailing List. Also has many hamster and dwarf hamster pictures and links.
Hammie Home
Photos of KoKo, Kayda, and other hamsters. Also includes general hamster information.
Contains information, tips, FAQ, and hamster memorial.
Hampster Dance 2
Get ready for v.2.0!
Hamster And Guinea Pig World
Learn how to potty train hamsters! New message board and polls.
Hamster Cam
Live cam showing Smokey the hamster and her cage. Updates every 60 seconds.
Hamster Care Guide
Information on hamster care with sections on selection, housing, feeding, breeding, health, and showing. Created by the Hamster Fanciers of America club.
Shop Hamster Care and save big on a wide selection of hamster products.
Hamster City
This site features: Pics, Chat, Stories,and even web polls! All dedicated to Hamsters.
Hamster Code
Usenet code for hamsters.
Hamster Haven
Hamster information, care, help, pictures, facts, online shows, links, and products, all delivered with class.
Hamster Hideout
Hamster bios, info, games, and you can get a free email address!
Hamster Land
General hamster information including cages for hamsters, what and how to feed your hamster, breeding hamsters, hamster history, and what to do when your hamster is sick and a virtual hamster.
Hamster Lover's Hammie Site
Photos and information about Michelle's pets, with care information and message boards.
Hamster Lovers
Information on how to take care of Syrian hamsters. Also includes backgrounds, screensavers, and games.
Hamster Page
Small collection of hamster resources available on the internet.
Hamster Tales
Stories about hamsters.
Hamster Tunnel
Devoted to promoting and encouraging the ethical and humane way of raising and caring for healthy captive hamsters.
Hamster Web Ring
Join the webring or view the list of websites.
Hamster wet tail
Outlines the causes of and treatments for this condition.
HamsterLover Mail
Free web-based e-mail service. Get your own address.
Offering hamster articles, headlines and links, plus a free newsletter.
From Pet Web Site. Includes species and varieties, care and health, breeding, chat rooms, clubs, and hamster related gifts.
Hamsters Galore
MSN community. Include message board, photo album, chat room, links, breeders, art, stories, contests, memorial page, and name exchange.
Hamsters Online
Informative site about hamsters.
Hamsters World
Information about physical features, different breeds, considerations for choosing a particular animal, diseases and conditions.
A complete site with information on caring, feeding, and choosing habitiats for hamsters. You can even order products online.
Happy Critter Hamstery
Breeder in Southeast Ohio sells Syrian and Russian dwarf hamsters in a variety of colors. They are hand tamed and very friendly.
Happy Hamsters
Home of the Hammy of the Month award.
Harvey the Wonder Hamster
Short stories and poems about Harvey the Wonder Hamster. Written by Brandon Lloyd who passed away in 1997 at the age of 13.
Heavenly Hamsters
California-based Syrian and dwarf hamster breeder's website. Information about adopting hamsters, coat colors, and genes.
Hidie's Hideout
Dedicated to the late hamster Hidie. Include a poll, club, help page, and photos.
Houdini's Hamster Heaven
All about a hamster named Houdini.
Itchy And Scratchy
Hamsters from Singapore share their photos. Includes tips, links and shop references.
Jackie the Hamster
Action shots of Jackie the Hamster on release from the children's nursery.
Jak's World Of Hamsters
Information about hamsters that is seldom found on the internet.
Information about Junior, the Syrian hamster.
Louie's Hamsite
From the hamster perspective. Includes photos, with information about health, housing, food.
Minx Hamstery and Minx Linx
Dedicated to the joys of keeping, breeding, and showing hamsters. Pictures, information on handling, taming, and breeding your hamster. Linx section devoted to all hamster links.
My Syrian Hamsters
Pictures of six Syrian hamsters and their babies, along with breeding information.
National Association for the Advancement of Cute Hamsters
Care information and tips on feeding, housing, health, and taming.
National Hamster Council Home Page
The Oldest Hamster Organisation in the World. Information available about any aspect of Hamster Keeping, Exhibiting or breeding
Neiko's Hamster Heaven
The tragic end of a hamster's life, this is Neiko's story.
Pictures of Nimitz the hamster, his wife Miette, and their adopted brother, Homer. Hamsters
Information about care and resources.
Roland 's Hamster Homepage
Tips and tricks, bedding information, facts, hamster colors, and a special section on how to find a hamster escapee.
The alt.pets.hamsters FAQ
Answers questions; contains hamster trivia and links. Compiled and maintained by Glen Gower.
The Emerald River Hamsterhouse
Formily The Hamster House, Emerald River is filled with links, pics, info and other hamster fandom. Updated daily!
The Hammy House
This site has very helpful hamster information such as how to tame, care and what to feed your hamster
The River Road Hamstery
Specializing in the careful breeding and raising of Black, Yellow and Tortoiseshell Syrian hamsters. Includes pictures and information about hamsters.
Towy Vale Hamstery Home Page
Information on UK Hamster Clubs, Hamster Shows and lots of information and pictures of Hamsters
VDC Hamster World Of Friends
Features hamster webcards, virtual cemetery, photos, and story gallery.
What's the best way to handle your pet h
Should you handle your pet hamsters? How should you do it? How frequently should you handle them?

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