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A Discus Dream
A Discus Dream, the hatchery owned by Mike Wells, located in Cleveland, Ohio.
Australian Discus Breeders
The Discus hatchery of Robert Clough in Queensland, Australia.
Blue Moon Discus
The Discus hatchery of Julia Mann in Louisiana, U.S.A.
Chan Ming Discus
Wilson Chan's Discus Hatchery in Hong Kong.
Choice Discus
A new, small Discus hatchery in Thailand. This Web site has a few nice pictures of their hatchery, and their fish.
A Discus Hatchery providing locally and imported Discus to the Chicago Market.
Discus Aquaria
Thai Discus breeder & exporter
Discus Breeder's Web Site
Lots of general information on Discus, in Italian, English.
Discus Collection from Lee Poh Soon
A nice one-page Web site for a Discus hatchery in Penang, Malaysia.
Discus Fish - The King of all Aquarium Fish
This book is considered to be the most comprehensive specialist book ever written on the subject (according to Dr Eduard Schmidt-Focke)
Discus Photo Gallery
Exceptional photographs of wild discus and discus fry.
Discus Society Of Malaysia
The Discus trade organization for Malaysian Discus breeders and hobbyists.
Discus South
Hatchery and Importer in Southampton, England.
Discus Study Group
Non-profit international organization dedicated to the study and advancement of Discus.
Discus World
Specializing in hybrid discus. Discus World is owned and operated by Bing Seto, in Alameda, California.
Discus World Report
A new German Discus magazine written in German, issued quarterly.
Enchanted Discus
Discus hatchery of Joe Szelesi, and distributor of Discus from Inda Discus Farm, Malaysia.
Gwynnbrook Farm Discus Fish Hatchery
Discus hatchery located in Maryland (USA).
Retailer, exporter and breeder of Discus fish in Malaysia.
Jit LaiSeng Discus Farm
Discus hatchery in Penang, Malaysia. Two page Web site has some nice photos, very little information.
Lithia Valley Discus
Small Discus hatchery in Pennsylvania, USA.
Mac's Discus
A Discus hatchery and importer in Washington State (USA).
Max Discus Dream
Information on Discus for breeders and beginners, a large photo gallery, many articles.. In German and English.
Millennium Discus Fish Farm in Malaysia
Small Discus hatchery in Malaysia.
New York Discus
Imports wild Discus, rare plecos, stingrays, other rare fish from the Amazon, located in New York City, N.Y.
Nura Discus
Shaifullah Yeng's Discus Hatchery in Penang, Malaysia.
Rainwater Discus
Small Discus hatchery in the USA.
Rare Breed Hatchery
Hatchery in Dallas, Texas, specializing in Discus and Angelfish.
Rocky Mountain Discus
Discus Hatchery Dedicated to Excellence.
South Eastern Discus
Discus Hatchery in East Peckham, England, catering to discus keepers in the U.K.
St. Croix Discus Hatchery
Discus hatchery in Minnesota, USA.
TE Fish Farm
Award winning discus hatchery of the Tong Brothers in Penang, Malaysia.
TE Fish Farm
Discus breeders from Penang, Malaysia.
Team Discus
Team Discus, a small hatchery in Lodi, California, owned and operated by Brenda and Bill Norris.
The Ultimate Discus Link Page
More than 400 links to Discuswebsites, Discuswebcams, Discuschatrooms, Discusforums and much more
Vivid Discus
Discus hatchery in Tainan, Taiwan, specializing in red spotted types. Web site in English and Chinese.
Wayne Discus Centre
Web site of well known Discus breeder Wayne Ng from Hong Kong.

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